Work Showcase

As an emerging Instructional Designer, I have spent my graduate time understanding theories, testing tools and working through the ILT competencies.  I have developed a relationship with these methods and adopted my best practices of elementary education to better reflect those of an instructional designer.  I have leaned on these competencies and used them to guide me in my journey.  I have found that through these my work has grown as I have come closer to my degree.

The ILT Competencies are the basis for the Information and Learning Technologies master’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver. They are based on professional standards of AECT and ISTE, two organizations that contribute to their accreditation.  (Statement taken from UC Denver documents, 2017).

Below are the ILT Competencies and a brief outline of their job

  1. Reflective practice. Adopt a critical stance toward your work, promoting effective practice and responsible use of technology.
  2. Technology. Become competent and confident in the use of various tools and technologies, related to learning, communication, and making things.
  3. Learning and instruction. Drawing on learning and instructional theory, create instruction with well-aligned outcomes, activities, and assessments.
  4. Creative and social media. Demonstrate proficiency with tools, platforms, and environments in the creation of media resources for learning and knowledge construction.
  5. Inquiry and change. Engage in systematic processes of inquiry and change.

Professional learning and leadership. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and leadership within the profession.

Below are some featured assignments and their correlating blog posts.  These are just the beginning of my works that illustrate who I am as an eLearning student.

Reflective Practice

Captivate Project (currently working on)

Pecha Kucha (currently working on)

Reflection: “If you don’t make mistakes you can’t learn”



Creating an App 

Wait, your class is on Twitter?!


Tech Cadre Video


Learning and Instruction


Tikondane Design Document 

Tech Cadre Video


Creative and Social Media

Creativity Journal

CANVAS Storyboard



Animated Videos



Inquiry and Change

Tikondane Design Document 

Trends Case Study #1  

Each of the above links brings you to another section of my basecamps.  These are projects from a previous class that show some of the things I have accomplished within my masters program.