About Me

I’m Mariah Courter, a 3rd grade teacher in St Augustine, Florida.  I love to educate and am I very passionate about enrichment for our Gifted population in the Title 1 system.

I fully support thematic and realistic teaching, I want my students to learn through real live events and exposure.  We use alternative seating in our classroom, allowing our students to choose where they work best!

I am working on my Masters in Educational Technology through the University of Colorado at Denver.  I really hope to push my school and eventually my district into a more technology savvy world, using our everyday machines to help us push our kids beyond where they have ever been in education.

I am an extro-introvert.  I function very well in social situations and like to be with other, but at the same time am very content working on my own, or staying home on pinterest.

I am a nerd.  I enjoy comic books (Marvel), I grew up with my dad having an entire room dedicated to them.  I watch anime, follow Doctor Who and dress up for comic cons.  I EMBRACE my “nerdy” side and tell my students that is ok to like WHATEVER they want to like.

On the other hand I really enjoy hiking and canoeing in the mountains- not sure why I live in Florida.  I have a very bohemian/hippie outlook that is often balanced by my hardworking ethic.  I joke I have split personalities that work really hard to try and find a balance in my every day life.

I have been in a 5 year (in February) relationship with my best friend.  He’s laid back and helps me relax.  He loves me for me and we work very well together.  We have three cats that we are both OBSESSED with- Milo, Sir Perceval (Percy) and Ser Barriston (Barr/Bear).  If you want to start a conversation with me, ask me about my cats!

My philosophy:

Do what you love, make it meaningful and you will find the outcome is worth the work.

I have found that in my life, no matter what, if I make something meaningful, it turns heads.  I have worked hard in my professional and personal life, but if I didn’t make conscious choices about how to make my work worth while, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I am not the kind of person who just goes through work and just completes the minimum requirement.  I try to truly reflect and help myself grow.

In teaching I have recently taking on a couple more responsibilities because I care about the outcome of my school, my class, and my students.  ELA has been our week point and I vowed as the Cadre representative for 3-5 in my school, that I would make ELA great again.  I have developed thematic units that integrate Social Studies and ELA and have the distric coming in to see the changes I am ALREADY seeing in my students’ vocabulary.

I truly believe, if you are making decisions that are MEANINGFUL and will enhance your career and your life, you will ALWAYS succeed!

What have you done lately to help your career move forward?  How about your personal life?

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