Webinar 101: Hosting and Posting


Hi All,

For my masters class on hosting live events we were asked to host two webinars.  The first would be a short, 15 minute webinar where we tried hosting out for a change.  You can view my webinar here!

The second was a team webinar that needed to be about 60 minutes.  We hosted this on Tuesday, April 25th to many of our classmates and a few extra guests.  The presentation was filled with handouts, polls, activities, and discussions.

The topic of the webinar: GoAnimate!

Jacqui won a free subscription for our class when she attended ISTE over the summer. We have used this program to create videos for our graduate courses, our 4th grade class, and our students have begun learning the basics of video creation as well!

We saw the value in not only using GoAnimate videos to engage our learners but also in allowing the students to create video representations of their understanding.

By the end of the webinar, our goal was for our learners to be able to:

  • Locate and use all basic function tools of GoAnimate
  • Create GoAnimate videos for a variety of presentation and learning purposes
  • Describe the benefit of using GoAnimate to create videos for learning purposes

Throughout the webinar, participants had access to our HANDOUT, and they filled it out over the course of the webinar.  There are some great participant notes and quick tips on there for you!  I will also be adding links to videos that were created during the webinar in the handout.

You can see the full webinar recording here!

Lessons learned:

  • No matter how much you rehearse, prepare, and plan, no webinar is perfect.
  • Having presenters be physically separated so that they can both interact with video and sound might actually be better than having presenters sit in the same room.   There are so many unavoidable issues when you have two devices right next to each other.
  • Time goes by MUCH faster than you could ever image.  I thought a 45-60 minute webinar would drag, but as long as you are getting your participants involved and you know what you’re talking about, it’s no time at all.




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