Privacy in Social Media

I know that I am more on the conservative side of public information and privacy.  I know, from personal experience doing my fair share of investigating other people via social media, that a lot can be found on websites that people don’t realize are out there.

My personal pages have only my initials or first name, this is so my students cannot search my name and friend request me, the problem lies in my friends.  I am friends with all the other teachers at my school and they can easily find me through them.  This is a pet peeve of mine, even though I have used it several times to find people, I hate that it can be used on me.

Besides changing the names on the social media sites I use, I also don’t let people know that I have certain sites, again, especially not my students.  For the most part I don’t receive friend requests from any of my students, and if I do I just ignore the request.  I also have made a couple of sites private to ensure that my posts are note posted everywhere.

I think that we all take the risk of someone seeing our posts, so despite all of the safeguards we may put in place, we must remember that it is public information.  I always remember this before I post anything!


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