Trying Something New

First, I really like this assignment.  I am always looking for new tools, but don’t often get the time to check them out myself, so thanks for forcing me!

I chose “Quora” (Links to an external site.)

I looked though a couple of the sites you sent, but this one jumped out at me.  I checked out the about page before I signed up.  I like that this website is like the deeper thinking version of yahoo answers.  So, I signed up and spent a full 5 minutes selecting things I was interested in.  I LOVED that there weren’t just generic options like “science,” “fashion,” and “cooking.”  There were probably HUNDREDS of options to choose from.  Once I got into the website I started scrolling.  I already know I am going to be laying in bed reading some of these- I have already downloaded the app!

I like that this website has a feed based on those topics that I enjoy, but I am finding that I wish there was a topic filter for that feed.  If I just wanted to look into “palentology” questions, there should be a filter for that.

As an educator I forsee this being a great tool to show my students.  I would have to do a lot of research in the beginning and only show them the answer to foster a discussion.  Overall, I like the website, simply because it gets me thinking about topics in a different way.


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