Short Animated Videos: Final Project for INTE 5680

Reflection of Project 2017:

This project was created with my co teacher at the time.  We piloted a 50 student co taught fourth grade classroom with the diciplines of technology and integrated alternative seating.  Since this course was taken the summer before, we figured it would be appropriate to create a few videos that outlined some of the beginning of the year procedures we always cover.

We used the program “Go Animate.”  I quickly found that the student version was not a full version and couldn’t be exported.  Unfortunately the only version I have is linked below, just a video taken of my computer with that video playing.  This is a leson that I learned quite quickly.  Any time I am using a tool that is paid for, I need to export the project frequently.  I’ve lost that final version and now don’t have access to the website at all.

The other videos can be seen at the following links:

Cafeteria Rules

Reciting the Pledge

How to Slant

Laptop Etiquette 

Character Counts! 6 Pillars of Character


My final project is a series of videos that goes with Jacqui Zahralban’s videos, as we are co teaching this coming year.

These videos are meant to be fun introductions to the things that we plan to cover in the first week of school.  We will give a brief introduction to the content, play the video, then model and practice with our students.

I did have some challenges going into this final project.  I created a teacher trial log in through “,”  Jacqui let me use her student version but I was afraid I would be restricted.  Once I completed my first video: Alternative Seating, I found that there was not export option.  It required me to actually pay for the full version.

I then chose the student option for the other 2 videos.  This also meant that I could not download my videos, but Jacqui could.  At least this way I did not have to video tape my video.  However, this did mean that Jacqui had to go out of her way to help me- not my favorite way to conduct my final.

My second video: Cafeteria Rules and my third video Reciting the Pledge can also be found on my youtube channel.  These two are better quality as they were downloaded and emailed to me, the first can only be accessed by me and cannot be exported it.  I considered using the “movi” download on my computer, but it puts watermarks all over the video.

All of my videos are on youtube, and have been tested with my iphone!  I hope you enjoy!


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