Week 7 Readings

This week we were given two articles to read.  The first is titled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

I was really interested in this, I mean the title is obviously written to attract some attention.  Once I started reading into it, I couldn’t stop.  I normally read and annotate at the same time, but I was so intrigued I didn’t stop.

I remember thinking, “I want to see this list of white privileges,” and when I finally got to that point, I was blown away.  I had over looked so many things that came so easily to me, just because I am white.

The article highlights the idea that those of us who are white, don’t acknowledge our privileges, rather we acknowledge others disadvantages.  This is true.  We are taught to understand that other races are not as lucky as us, yet we do not want to admit that we have lots of privileges.

I posted a video on the hypothesis annotations page that I find to fit well into this theme.  It was actually made to bring to light the bullying that many LGBT people face every day.  However, I believe the way the video was executed was really well done.  It is the idea of role reversal.  The world believes that being heterosexual is a sin, or wrong, as many people believe about being homosexual.  The story illustrates a young girl’s struggles to understand her feelings and how she is ridiculed for being heterosexual.  I think the idea of role reversal, and a video like this may actually help bring to light some of the issues surround the advantages of the white race.

The second article is titled “Developing Voice in Digital Storytelling through Creativity, Narrative and Multimodality

This article focuses on the traditional way we have taught reading and writing and the flaws that come from it.  The idea that our students are taught to replicate and follow conventions rather than use their own voice.

I feel that having a blog and no concrete guidelines, that I am able to share my voice here.  I know that it is not always grammatically correct, sometimes (ok, all the time) I ramble, some ideas are not expressed as eloquently as I would like- but it is MY voice and MY feelings.  They aren’t shrouded by a curtain of rules, or shoved into a box of formalities.  I can just write, that to me is the most meaningful.  Of course, that’s not to say the rules of English language mean nothing to me, it’s simply getting involved in writing first, the conventions will follow.

“Thus, the challenge is to create within
the child the motivation to write and
then to help him or her master the techniques of writing.”
The article goes on to support digital story telling because it allows for a variety of ways to express one’s self and it is a natural way that students already identify with.   Vygotsky says that play is more complex than just drawing, just as digital storytelling is more complex than just writing.  Very interesting point.

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