Week 7 Assignment

This week assignment was probably my favorite so far… ok, I know I say that like every week, but at least I like them!


This assignment asked you to recreate a classic album cover and remix it: Classic Album Makeover

So I chose the popular “Born in the USA” album cover, yes the iconic Bruce Springsteen album.  I’m actually not a Springsteen fan, but we had a question at trivia about it, now it’s sticking.  If you’re curious it was “What is in Bruce Springsteen’s back pocket in the Born in the USA album cover?”

So, I created a technological version of his album cover.  It was really fun to make!

Classic Album

Mine is meant to represent the tech generation.  We associate with technology like it is our country.  The background stripes are coding patters, but when I exported the photo I found that it got a little blurry- boo!  I put my cell phone and headphones in my back pocket, a nod to the newest “accessory.”

For my class, I would change this assignment slightly.  I would actually like my students to choose their favorite book cover, then change it to fit their current situation.  For example, a girl in my class this past year LOVES the Percy Jackson series; so I would want to see her on the cover and I would ask her to write about how it would be different if she were in Percy’s shoes!


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