I created an app…. wait what?

I created an app.  I wish it was as easy as that sentence made it sound.  It was tough, and even harder to “publish” it.  Which didn’t happen.  So I am putting a link in that will give you 24 hour access to the app in “beta” mode.

Here is the app I created and I would like you to test it.

Help me out by downloading and installing the app on your device. (Apple or Android)

To download the app, just click on this link: http://ibuildapp.com/test-your-app.php?346bdfedd9&code=UAUBXI&em&no_redirect (Links to an external site.)

Enter code below in App


The link will ask you to “ADD TO HOMEPAGE” That will actually download the widget to your homescreen (SO COOL!!).  It took safari a couple resets to actually give me that option, so you may need to play with it, it is still in Beta Mode.


Then it will ask you to download the corresponding TEST app.  This just allows the app to host my app, since it is not published yet.  Speaking of, I didn’t publish it because I cannot afford “3 easy payments of $234.99” just to show you my app.  This was the best app builder I could find, so please bare with the beta version!

I also find that the app sometimes didn’t load right, again BETA!  So if there isn’t a background or it seems to open to a page of nothing, please refresh and try it again.


I used the website ibuildapp.com.  I got this from Jacqui, she researched a LOT and found one that did NOT involve writing code, THANK YOU JACQUI!

My app is “3 Steps to Success in the Classroom”  These steps are listed in the first widget within the app.  You can read all about them there.  The purpose of the app is to educate the parent and provide with with easy click access to things that will SUPPORT the 3 steps.  I find that we ask a lot of our parents, but don’t provide with with the tools they need to succeed,  thus the “CoZy Classroom” app.



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