Week 6 Assignment

This week we got to choose our own assignment, the only requirement was it had to do with our focus.  I surfed around a bit, it was fun just looking at all the assignments that we were able to do.  I ended up landing on the “I like to Move it Move it!” assignment.


You know you sang it too!

Moving along…

The assignment asked to write about moving in Freshman year.  I went back and looked for photos from that day, there weren’t many.  My parents are really good at crying, and tend to forget to take pictures.  So, here is a description of my freshman year move in day:

August 2010, I had just come home from a year away in Mexico.  I spent June and July working at my usual summer job, freshman year was not far off.  I had chosen a small private college in Saint Augustine, Florida.  Coming from a very small school, my graduating class was 31 people, YES I mean small!


I was more than ready for a new adventure, my parents, not so much.  They had just endured a year of me living in Mexico and now I was moving “for good.”  They decided it would be a good idea to create this road trip down to Saint Augustine Florida from a small town in Upstate New York into a family vacation-UGH!


My family consists of my younger brother, my younger sister and both parents- that means 5 people in a car with 5 bags, well 6 bags because apparently my mom needs another bag just for shoes.  Any way, so getting to Saint Augustine and packing for college was a nightmare for me.  I remember having multiple fights with my mom, she INSISTED I only take one bag.  No furniture, no bed linens, nothing.  Just think about that for a second, a 19 year old heading off to college (yes I was 19 because I spent a gap year in Mexico before heading to school), only allowed to bring ONE duffle bag with her.  It’s not like I could POP back to my parent’s house to grab something I forgot- that was it!  I was VERY upset.  Anyway, once we finally got down to Saint Augustine I was ready.  I had spent a year away from my family so it was sad to leave them, and yet it was easy to say goodbye.  I knew they would come back too visit, and I would be home from Christmas.  I was ready!


My parents ended up having to buy me sheets, pillows, blankets, a mirror and many other items since I was not able to bring them with me- oops!  Once I got moved in they said their goodbyes and were on their way.  I was left to fend for myself in a new town, with new people and new experiences- THIS was were I thrived!  I ended up making friends with a group of girls that lived in another dorm, and eventually moved in to that same dorm.  We creatively referred to ourselves as the “corner girls” because we lived in the corner of the hallway.


My freshman year was one for the books!  I’m glad that I moved myself down to Saint Augustine, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Flagler College, my corner girls or good ol “St. Auggie.”

freshman year

My first day freshman year

So, just in case you couldn’t make the connection to my focus.  I would have my students choose a HUGE life event.  I would ask them to draw pictures of that day and write about it.  This is a great writing introduction activity.  I would even share this post with them!


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