Week 5 Assignment-Mashup!

This week’s assignment was a “mashup” of some sort.  I actually didn’t feel like any of them called out to me.  I chose the Character Mashup because I felt it went well with the idea of using characters or shows that our students already enjoy to help us teach.

The example was of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreations, one of my FAVORITE shows.  I felt that the example was poorly done, so I was going to redo Ron Swanson, but realized there were multitudes of “Best of” videos already out there.  So, I chose another favorite: Ben Wyatt.  Resident nerd and dorky boyfriend of the leading role, Leslie Knope.  I know the quality isn’t the best on the video, but I felt the compilation does him justice.

I downloaded a screen capturing program but it only has the trial version, and it says “TRIAL VERSION” in huge letters across the screen.  If anyone knows of any free screen capturing programs I would greatly appreciate the heads up.

Finally, I don’t think that I would use this assignment with my students in this way.  I believe that their time would be better spent elsewhere.  Even though it may be a cute end of the year assignment.


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