Week 4 Design Assignment: CAT THEME

Happy 4th of July Weekend!


Not sure about anyone else but I know I have lost track of what day it is, even though my summer camp JUST ended.

que cat

This week I chose to make a magazine cover as seen HERE on twitter!

So, I know, what DOES this have to do with my focus.  Well, to be honest, my focus is broad and that is one of the reasons why I LOVE gifted education!  You can choose to take it in any avenue you would like.  I saw this assignment and decided to create it on a platform that I know my upcoming student will be at least familiar with- powerpoint.  I wanted to see how this would work as an introduction activity.  Choosing something you were interested in an creating a magazine cover about it, then having them write a small article to accompany one of the “advertised” ideas on the cover.  So, for me, I love cats.  Naturally, I would make a crazy cat lady magazine.  I know Jacqui would subscribe, so I’ve already got a fan base!


So, I wanted to tie the assignment itself to my focus and use it this coming year.  This will be a good introduction to technology in my enrichment course and allow my students to be a little silly, while getting to know their peers.


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