Week 3- Reading Response and Article Choice

This week we read “Chapter 1: DIY Media: A Contextual Background and Some Contemporary Themes”

The authors wanted to educate teachers and parents about the media that kids are creating.  I love this idea.  It is normal for a teacher or parent to have NO idea what their student really means when they say “I’m going on my computer” or “I am listening to this Youtuber.”  We often don’t take the time to find out what they are interested in.  Of course, some of us have watched a couple minutes of a video game, or checked the research behind this program that they needed, but it is extremely rare to truly understand it.

This article aims to diminish a little of that ignorance.  They discuss machinima, anime, music editing and other forms of DIY media.  Most importantly the article really ties well into education.

I love the idea of CREATING!  I know I LOVE to create.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, whether it be crafts for my house, a picture for instagram, a funny video to show the school or a dance for my zumba class.  I just CRAVE that feeling of starting from scratch and coming out with an end result I can be proud of.  I believe that when properly tapped and guided our students have this too!  This ties into the “pull” method that we are slowly working towards.  Not “pushing” information down the throats of our classes, but rather pulling it from them.  Getting our students to make predictions and get to the answers themselves, making those meaningful connections, rather than just having it all upfront.  Again, getting them to participate in the discussion could facilitate the class towards the correct answer!

The last paragraph of the article was my favorite.  The authors want to bring to light these incredible medias and show that there isn’t much research being done on them.  We need to, as scholars, look into these medias in order to better serve our students.

My personal article choice: 10 documentaries on the Future of Creative Education

So, this article I actually stumbled upon when I was looking into creative seating solutions and alternative seating in the classroom.  At least one of the links are not working correctly, sorry in advance.

I found this article and the embedded videos to be extremely inspiring!  I felt rejuvenated after watching them.  I think I connected especially well with these because I want so badly for the education system to move forward.  It often feels that we are stuck in the past, in all the wrong ways.  History is important for our students to learn about and yet there isn’t time for us to teach it and our students lose touch with the past.  We have the old testing methods of “one size fits most” and yet our society is chugging forward, holding on to these outdated evaluations.  It’s maddening.

Any how, take a look at these videos.  Maybe you will be inspired to change something in your classroom for next year!


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