Week 3 Video Assignment-STATIC

Wow, ok.  So I have always LOVED creating silly little videos and posting them on youtube or sharing them with friends, today’s was no different.  Well, maybe except for the fact that I may have thrown my 10 year old mac on the couch a little TOO hard.




Anyway, it’s fine.  The poor thing needs to be replaced any way, but today is not that day.

So, I chose the video assignment that asked us to make a commercial for the class.  This was TOTALLY up my alley, and luckily my boyfriend is back in town and he had some friends over- yay for my volunteers!

I wanted to make a funny take on an infomercial.  I have actually wanted to do this with my students, but we only have one nice camera that belongs to our school, so it would be a LOT to ask if we were to borrow it.  I am looking into those small video cameras that aren’t very expensive.  I have a project in my enrichment that involves my students creating a design or an invention that will better society.  I would like for them to create a commercial to advertise it… just a thought.

Check out my assignment here! 

So, I loved my assignment, my only upset was the audio.  I have been using the program “audacity” on my work pc because it has better sounds and isn’t being thrown onto the couch every time I get upset- heh.

However, for some reason there is residual static that I can’t seem to get rid of.  The worst part is my boyfriend has BEAUTIFUL sound equipment, including podcast worthy microphones, but they are not compatible with my computer!


So, I am going to have to look into alternate ways to record.  Any ideas?

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