Story Critique- Fan Fiction in Education?

So in honor of the fan fiction theme that I have stumbled into…


I chose an actual fan fiction.  I have read a million of these and am excited to critique one.  Of course, why did I choose this.  Besides the fact that fan fiction is always fun to read.  I wanted to get the feeling for fan fiction in the classroom.  If I really want to use it, I have to start seeing it through the eyes of a teacher, not just a fan.

So, the first thing I looked for on was the rating.  This was going to narrow down the search by a landslide.  I figured some fan fictions would not be easy to find that were suitable for all ages…

*cough cough*


So I went with a classic and a personal favorite: Doctor Who.


On the website you get a little blurb of what the piece is going to be about and it will show a rating.  I picked a K rated piece that was a mashup of the show “Friends” and “Doctor Who.”

Just for reference this is what “K Rating” is listed as on the website.  K

So, a 5 year old should be able to read, or be read to in this case, this piece without a problem.  I knew that this couldn’t be true.  The show “Friends” does not have terrible language but they certainly aren’t kid friendly.  There are innuendos galore in that show, so of course the FIRST scene… “What the hell!!”

Sticking with my evaluation of the story…

Reminder of what I am evaluating:




Media Application took a hit here.  If the story was listed as “K,” meaning a 5 year old could read it, then it should not feature language that a 5 year old should not be using.  I also felt the scenes, or chapters, were broken up into really small pieces.  It was written as a script, but I felt that I was having to click to the next page way too often.  I would have preferred longer pages and scrolling then having to click through.

Originality was not as high as I would have hoped.  Honestly, it seemed that the author was relying too much on the two shows and not as much on the mashup.  I would have preferred that is flowed a little more seamlessly between the two.

The story was done well.  I enjoyed reading and was curious to see where the author was taking it.  I did feel that this was really meant to be an on screen piece, meaning it would have transferred better as a video.  I got dizzy a couple pages in and had to take a break.

Overall, I did ENJOY the piece.  As a teacher, I wouldn’t be able to use this with my elementary students.  This is one of the challenges I foresee, I will have to scrounge together pieces of fan fiction that are interesting but also appropriate for 9 year old students.


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