Creative Remix- Week 2 Reading Response/Individual Article

This week we read Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch4: New Literacies and Social Learning Practices of Digital Remixing

I really felt in tune with this article.  I was raised as a comic book nerd.  My dad had a room upstairs that was stuffed to the brim with priceless collectibles- thousands of comic books, sealed action figures tacked to the walls and signed posters from comic cons.  I used to spend hours reading comics about superheros or playing Xena Warrior Princess, as my dad worked on his computer.  This was my home life, but this was before it was cool.


No one at school talked about superheros or even knew what I meant when I referenced “Black Cat’s fighting style.”  As a grew up I started to see fan fictions evolving, and I realized there were many people, even close to me, that were as invested in these made up universes as I was.  This really helped me not only accept that I liked these, but I also become close to people I may not have otherwise.

This article talks about the creativity involved in the “remixing” of popular series, shows, literature, ideas- anything really.  The idea that a remix is making your own twist on something.  The author says that even discussion after a movie is a remix, your criticisms are a form of putting your spin on something.

If you’re a teacher like me you probably have already started formulating a lesson plan to use this, I know I have.  My students would DEFINITELY respond to their favorite series and put themselves right in the middle.  Whether they were a Doctor Who fan, read every book on Greek Mythology or were brought up on Anime.  They could relate to the idea of remixing, but do it through something they ENJOYED!


So, how could this really relate to GIFTED education and beyond just ONE fun lesson.  This is where my focus comes in.  Putting together the excitement of technology with ACTUAL learning.  The article talks about writing fan fiction- this of course would tie in beautifully.  Allowing students to put themselves into their favorite series and just WRITE about it.  I also would like to use the vocabulary from this lesson to incorporate my ELA standards.  I would talk about texting and annotating as a type of remix.  Any time that you have an opinion, reaction, question about a piece you are remixing it.  You are thinking about how it could be changed or altered- hence, remixing.  I know that my students respond more positively to ideas that are “hip.”  I look forward to using some of the ideas in the article for my classes.

Article of my choice:

In the spirit of fan fiction and as I started thinking of ways to use fanfictions in the classroom I found this article: How Teachers Can Use Fan Fiction in the Classroom.  While the article itself was nothing to be proud of, I found myself researching Christopher Shamburg.  I came across youtube videos, interviews and posts by and about Shamburg.  I was really interested to read his take on fanfiction, also learning he is a professor and teaches classes on Technology in Education- GO FIGURE!


Needless to say I have some research to continue before I jump right into teaching with fan fiction- but I am excited to read more of his blog.



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