Audio Assignment

Our assignment for this week was audio-yikes.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE music, I’m always singing in the car, but for some reason the idea of making my own audio anything, had me panicked.  Truthfully, I had never really recorded anything online, or ever had the need to.  Anytime I created a video I pulled sound from somewhere else and used that.  So this turned out to be a good exercise for me.

The assignment: “Use some audio recording software, I used audacity, to record yourself whistling a song that has gotten stuck in your head before. Then upload it to ‘soundcloud.’ But don’t title it with the original song’s title. Let your classmates guess what song you were whistling. Have Fun!!”

My soundcloud submission: I won’t of course spoil what song it is, but it’s an oldie.  I got to see the band in concert when I was 12.  They opened for The Beach Boys, who I was in LOVE with at the time, however I ended up loving this band so much I had my dad by me a CD of greatest hits.  I now own the record and like to play it as I clean my house.  Truthfully, their happy go lucky tunes really get my pumped to vacuum.


As I said before, I has some reservations about doing an audio assignment.  However, downloading audacity to my computer was extremely simple, and recording my whistle was even more simple.  So simple in fact, it took me longer to whistle than it did to download the program!

Then, following the directions on the assignment page I created  signed into my soundcloud account and uploaded the assignment.  Just like that, it was done.  Not scary at all.

So, that got me thinking…. maybe my students feel this way about the technological assignments I give them.  I started to day dream up some assignments that incorporated audio.  This is a new idea for me.  Maybe my students could voice over a presentation, or create a review for other students to access.  Maybe I could record my lessons on soundcloud and let students access them as a review.

OBVIOUSLY I had thought of that before, but I never actually thought of myself doing it.  That is why I am enjoying this class so much.  Being pushed beyond where I would normally venture is so enlightening!



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