Wait, your class is on Twitter?!

Ok, so I know everyone is thinking it, Twitter, really?  Mariah, what kind of master’s program did you sign up for?  Is there a prince in a small country you’ve never heard of that you are donating money to as well?  Are you sure you aren’t being catfished? How can you do anything to do with a graduate program on twitter?

I know I had my doubts…

What my friends think I’m doing:tweetingitdelettwitter

What my family thinks I’m doing:


What my coworkers think I’m doing:


What I am REALLY doing:



In all seriousness the class is demanding, but the kind of demanding that makes you WANT to get on and see what others are doing, the kind of demanding that has you thinking about how you can answer that assignment in the most creative way, the kind of demanding that when an idea hits you HAVE to write it down before you forget.  That’s the way you want your graduate program to be, inspirational with a dash of uncertainty- keeps you on your toes.

So week 1 has certainly kept me wondering, Jacqui my classmate and I are getting our masters together- so you will hear about her a lot.  She is my rock and a HUGE help when it comes to clarification.  Quite honestly I’m pretty sure I am only here for comedic relief.  Jacqui and I are co-teaching together next year and experimenting on a LOT of new ideas, so we are happy to take these classes together.

We met up yesterday to talk syllabus, assignments, clarify and just compare notes before starting our assignment.  Well, oddly enough we both misunderstood and CREATED a daily create question, as opposed to just answering one.  This is one of the difficulties with not having the face to face encounters that a traditional class has.  However, after numerous tweets and eventually a string of messages between Jacqui and our TA; it was resolved.  Unfortunately, resolved way past my bedtime, so I returned again today.

Now, we also have an assignment due on Fridays; just so you are aware- I am typing out my assignments because it makes me feel like I have a handle on what I am supposed to be doing.  Do not be fooled, I am still trying to figure it all out.  I digress; our visual assignment is to be chosen from the assignment bank.  I looked at this webpage 4-5 times before the course officially started and I had seen posts that I wanted to do.  But of course, last night I couldn’t find the one I was thinking of.  I decided to go ahead, upon finishing Jacqui pointed out that the post said to “recreate” a movie poster NOT “change” a movie poster.  So, I went back again (STRIKE TWO) and recreated it with the help of her boyfriend’s modeling skills.  The worst part- we found out today, we were both right.  There were TWO assignments that used movies, one was a recreation of a movie scene, the other changing the movie poster.  GAHH!  So, that leads me to my first visual submission, by default, a MASHUP of two assignments.

Forrest Stump Movie Title

Title: “Teaching Conservation can Forrest Stump”

Tagline: The world will never be the same once you teach conservation to today’s gifted youth.

Just in case you didn’t catch it- the title is both a play on words “can forrest STUMP,” as in stump students as to why it is SO important; and a forrest full of stumps will become our world’s fate if we do not teach conservation.

My focus for the course is in gifted education: the struggles, the realities and the celebrations that come with it.  This past year I embraced technology and have been experimenting a LOT with my enrichment classes.  So I am looking forward to tying in some of these assignments and using them to increase student participation with technology.

More to come tomorrow as I ATTEMPT to annotate our first readings.

Stay nerdy my friends,



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